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Building a Foundation Chinese painting classes are centered around developing a strong foundation of fundamental brushstrokes so students can produce artwork in any creative medium.


Traditional Materials —Students will be taught with what are called the four treasures of a brushpainter: Ink stick, ink stone, rice paper and natural-hair bamboo-handled brushes.

Classical Painting —Personal instruction and a workbook on brush techniques and materials will aim to enable students to produce traditional paintings. Students have an opportunity to paint orchids, chrysanthemums, bamboo and plum blossoms in both color and black and white. Elements including birds and butterflies will accent compositions. The instructor will discuss the expression of flow and movement to achieve a pleasing visual balance in a distinct Asian style.

Branching Out —After learning the pure ancient form, students are encouraged to develop their identity and can apply brushpainting to various mediums including textiles, glass, pottery, tile and any paintable surface!

Private Instruction —Individual instruction can be scheduled through the artist. Lessons can be conducted at the student's or artist's residence. Private instruction is recommended —with a set of six introductory lessons to begin— for the best learning curve and results. Groups of two or three can also be scheduled. Please contact Griffith Tso for more details.

Local Classes —Griffith Tso is teaching at the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne for Winter, Spring and Fall with an 8-week session. Class is 10 a.m. to 12:30 Thursdays. Class slots are limited so sign up promptly! Reston Community Center Program Guide will be available online when registration opens for signups.

Supplies & Resources—I recommend students mail order/web order from Oriental Art Supply in Huntington Beach, Ca. for excellent quality brushes, ink, paper and books. Mayco underglazes provides a full line of vibrant cone 6 underglazes for use under clear overglaze. Griffith Tso artwork reproduced on apparel and other items are available in graphic and brushpainting styles at

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